SB1070 for Muslims (NSEERS) Lands DREAM Act Youth Behind Bars, Deportation Looming

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration terminated NSEERS, a post-9-11 program that targeted and placed non-citizen Muslim men from over 24 countries in deportation proceedings.  But the termination provides no relief for thousands of immigrants who face deportation as a result of the program. Hadi Zayed Zaidi, a Pakistani-American who was brought here at the age of 4, is one such immigrant who registered with the NSEERS program when he was merely 16 — a minor. Two weeks ago, ICE agents raided Hadi’s home and took him into custody. Hadi – now 25 — has been refused bail because he is Pakistani and faces imminent deportation to Pakistan, a country he has not seen since he was 4.

Take Action- Stop the Racial Profiling and END Hadi’s Deportation