Immigrant youth, families & community members, including activists from the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, greeted President Obama on the way to a DNC fundraiser in Santa Monica, California today demanding an immediate stop to deportations. 

The Obama administration has deported more than 1.7 million people throughout his presidency. If these rates continue, nearly as many people will have been deported under his administration than during the years of 1892 to 1997.

The number of deportations is set to reach 2 million by 2014. 

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Migration Is Not So Beautiful

Migration is beautiful mostly for the colonizer, who gets to dabble in “exotic” foods, be enriched by our “exotic” tongues, obtain a cheap labor force, and benefit from the innovation that new migrants bring. But migration can also devastating and disruptive for the vast majority of us—who are uprooted from our homelands, live without seeing close family members for years, continuously traumatized by assimilation efforts, and virtually imprisoned within the walls of the U.S.