Take Action: 10 Urgent Deportation Cases That Need Your Help – Detained for 8+ Months at Broward

We have 10 deportation cases we are hoping you can help us out with, if you think you can help just click the link for each case and take a minute to sign the petition and to make a phone call. Each of these detainees are being held at the Broward Detention Center and all of them are low-priority cases, the same cases President Obama, through John Morton, promised to stop deporting.

Claudio Rojas originally from Argentina has been living in Florida for over 12 years. Claudio has been detained since February 10th, 2012. Claudio has no criminal record, he was detained after he was called to pick up his son who had been stopped at the convention center. On Thursday, July 19th, Claudio’s Stay of Removal was rejected.

Cesar Leon originally from Venezuela has been living in Florida for over 13 years. Cesar has been detained since April 20th, 2012. Cesar has no criminal record, he was detained after his asylum case was rejected. ICE has already attempted to put Cesar on a plane once, his time is running out.

Maria Leon originally from Venezuela, has been living in Florida for over 5 years. Maria is married to a United States citizen, her marriage application has already been approved and her interview is supposed to be on Wednesday, July 25th, however ICE still refuses to release her. While living in Venezuela Maria worked as a flight attendant on the presidential plane, she worked for President Chavez.

Mohammed Sooknanan, originally from Guyana, has been detained since December 6th, 2011, over 9 months ago! Mohammed has no criminal record, he was detained for driving with an expired tag. Mohammed’s marriage application is pending, he has never been deported before and is not a flight risk yet Judge Rex refuses to release him.

Charles Rodriguez, originally from Nicaragua, has been living in Florida for over 15 years. Charles has no criminal record, he’s been detained since May 9th, 2012. Charles was detained while going to work, he was asked for an ID at the stadium he was working at and a few hours later police showed up to detain him.

Samuel Sotooriginally from Honduras, has been living in Florida for over 14 years. He has four children who miss him very much, all four of his kids are currently undergoing therapy because of their fathers detention. Samuel has only been pulled over for driving without a license. Samuel’s daughter, Eda, is having surgery on her left ear on August 8th. Samuel has been detained since May 16th, 2012.

Gelmino Turraoriginally from Uruguay, has been living in Florida for over 13 years. In 2002 Gelmino was nearly murdered. He has since filed for a U-visa, given to victims of serious crimes, however Judge Rex Ford refuses to release him. Gelmino has been detained since December 19th, 2012. Gelmino’s 7-year old son has threatened suicide over his dad’s detention.

Luis Villanuevaoriginally from Mexico, has been living in the United States for over 10 years. Luis has no criminal record and yet he has been detained inside of the detention center since before Thanksgiving (November 7th, 2011)! Luis is a day laborer, he was picked up in front of Home Depot without being given any warning or anything. Luis’ father has been murdered and he is currently being sought out by the same people.

Maximino Hozoriginally from Mexico, has been living in Flordia for over 19 years. He has 6 children who miss him and want him home. Maximino’s 9-year old son has been diagnosed with depression because of his dad’s detention since December of 2011, over 9 months ago! In 2003 Maximino was charged with a DUI, however he took care of it, paid all of his fines and has never been in trouble since.

Omar Ramirez, originally from Guatemala, has been living in Florida for over 12 years. He has no criminal record yet he has spent the last 9-months, since November of 2011, in detention at the Broward Transitional Center. Omar was profiled by local police and found to have no license. Omar’s 10-year old son suffers from Asthma and has hearing problems.

For each day someone is detained at the Broward Transitional Center the facility is making on average $166. At some point these detainees are becoming just another dollar for the GEO company. We need to hold ICE and President Obama accountable for what they are doing to our communities. Unless we take action these 10 families are going to become just another statistic.

Can you sign each petition, make a call and share it with a friend?

Claudio Rojas, detained since February of 2012. No criminal record.

DHS Officials Admit To Being F***ked Up

In an email chain about “one of the DREAM [Act] kids” who was being detained by authorities suggests confusion at DHS regarding how to handle requests for “deferred action” from undocumented students. In the email chain ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr writes to DHS Deputy Press Secretary Matthew Chandler, “we r f’ed up,” to which Chandler responds, “Yep. And we wonder why ppl FOIA us.” The student was granted astay of removal for six months.