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Aug 3, 2011
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Lawsuit: Walmart Had Me Arrested, Made Me Lose Job, Had Husband Deported... Over $2.90 Worth Of Chicken Necks »


This is everything wrong with our capitalist system all wrapped up into one horror story:

As a result of being in jail and being accused of being a thief, [the plaintiff] lost her home, her car, all of her personal belongings and her husband was deported. [She] seeks punitive damages for loss of income, loss of personal property, lost profits, lost time and imprisonment, libel and slander, mental anguish, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false arrest, malicious prosecution, slander, negligence and conversion.

The final insult to all of this, according to the lawsuit, is that after the plaintiff had been cleared of theft charges, Walmart refused to refund the $2.90 she had paid for the neck bones.

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    Walmart: A founding sponsor of #LATISM.
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