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Jul 27, 2012
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Support SB 285 - Private Immigration Bill for Sopuruchi Victor Chukwueke

His petition is here.

Victor Chukwueke was born in Nigeria on February 10, 1986. During his early childhood, he developed a benign tumor caused by Neurofibromatosis, which grew on his frontal and right facial area, subsequently resulting in a very significant facial deformity. Growing up in Nigeria where he could not get medical treatment for his condition, Victor was the subject of much ridicule from his peers and faced a life-time of hardship as a result of his medical condition.

When he was merely 15, Victor was brought to the United States for medical treatment. Since then, he has had seven major surgeries. Unfortunately, Victor fell out of immigration status while he was 16 and undergoing a painful surgery. He did not have the help he needed at the time to navigate the complexity of the immigration system.

Despite huge obstacles and a life-threatening medical condition which rendered him blind in one eye, Victor Chukwueke graduated from Wayne State University and received admission into medical school, only to be told that he could not attend because he did not have a green card. Refusing to give up, Victor sought the help of Senator Carl Levin’s office, which introduced a private immigration relief bill for him.

His private immigration bill got through the Judiciary Committee, sailed through the Senate with bipartisan support and now needs your help in passing through the House.

Now we need to get the House leadership on board to pass his private immigration bill. Click here: 

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